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use strict; use warnings;
I think that
is more customary. To be fair I thought yours wouldn't have worked at all, but to be sure I tried and it did!
{ my @loads; my $i = my $cpuload = 0; open(INFIL,"< /proc/stat") || die("Unable To Open /proc/stat\n");
I, for one (but I'm not the only one!), recommend using the three args form of open. Also, low precedence or is better suited for flow control and you may benefit from including $! in the error message.
<INFIL> =~ /^cpu\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+).*/; @loads = ($1, $2, $3);
This is overly complex for what it does, IMHO. I would probably do something like
my @loads = (<$fh> =~ /\d+/g)[0,1,2];
instead. Of course this is not strictly equivalent to yours. Indeed it may be worth to check that the line is the correct one. In that case you may still do something like this:
local $_=<$fh>; (warn "something wrong!\n"), next unless /^cpu\b/; my @loads = (/\d+/g)[0..2];
sleep 1; seek INFIL, 0, 0; <INFIL> =~ /^cpu\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+).*/; foreach ($1, $2, $3) { $cpuload += $_ - $loads[$i++]; } close(INFIL);
So you want to iterate over the two lists in parallel. Now this is a situation in which some Perl6 features would turn out to be very handy!

However, and this is not strictly perl-specific, instead of getting the same info twice per cycle, you may get it once only, and take a "backup" version of it to compare with.

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