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I obfuscated Real Synthetic Audio Downloader using that patch.

require(LWP::UserAgent); ($| = 1); ($rnIrQvE = '/home/josh/rsa/'); ($rnIrRKG = '.wma'); ($rnIrsLCr = qr[http://.+?\.asx]); sub QROtT () { package constant; $FpnynE; } ($Hn, $ED, $EF); ($Hn = 'LWP::UserAgent'->new); (my $qBJAyBnqF = trG_qBJAyBnqF()); qBJAyBnq_svyrF($rnIrQvE, $qBJAyBnqF); sub trG_qBJAyBnqF { my(%qBJAyBnqF); (my(@wF_HEyF) = map((('' . $_) . 'sho +wlist.js'), ('', 'previous-'))); JSURL: foreach my $wF_HEy (@wF_HEyF) { '???'; ($EF = $Hn->get($wF_HEy)); ($EF->is_success or next JSURL); (my(@nFK_HEyF) = ($EF->content =~ /$rnIrsLCr/g)); ASXURL: foreach my $nFK_HEy (@nFK_HEyF) { '???'; ($EF = $Hn->get($nFK_HEy)); (my $Jzn = $EF->content); ($Jzn =~ s/[\s\15\12]+//g); (($Jzn =~ /(\d+)-(\w+)/) or (warn(((q['] . $Jzn) . q[' did +n't match /(\\d+)-(\\w+)/])) and next)); (my($qnGr, $FCrrq) = ($1, $2)); if (((not $qBJAyBnqF{$qnGr}) or ($FCrrq eq 'isdn'))) { ($qBJAyBnqF{$qnGr} = $Jzn); '???'; } else { '???'; } } } return((\%qBJAyBnqF)); } sub qBJAyBnq_svyrF { (my($qvErpGBEL, $qBJAyBnq) = @_); foreach my $onFr_svyr (sort(keys(%$qBJAyBnq))) { (my $Jzn_HEy = $$qBJAyBnq{$onFr_svyr}); '???'; (my $svyr = (($qvErpGBEL . $onFr_svyr) . $rnIrRKG)); if (-e($svyr)) { '???'; next; } ($ED = 'HTTP::Request'->new('GET', $Jzn_HEy)); ($EF = $Hn->request($ED, $svyr)); '???'; print(($svyr . "\n")); } }

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