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G'day vaitor15,

Welcome to the Monastery.

[I see from previous replies that you have modified your post one or more times. In the version that I'm seeing, 430 as a total is incorrect; however, other comments indicate that this was correct at one time. It is impossible for us, and therefore you, to tell which solutions are valid. Please ensure that you understand the issues here (by reading "How do I change/delete my post?") and, in any future posts, clearly indicate updates.]

In my code below, I've laid out the data (as I currently see it) in a manner that makes it more readable and comprehensible. Your current costs (6300+300+30) total 6630.

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; my $VAR1 = { '153-1' => { '19-4' => { 'cost' => '6300.00', 'cost2' => '630.00' }, '135-1' => { '68-4' => { 'cost' => '300.00', 'cost2' => '130.00' } }, '1069-9' => { }, '35-1' => { '28-4' => { 'cost' => '30.00', 'cost2' => '10.00' } }, } }; my $total = 0; get_total_cost($VAR1, \$total); printf "Total = %.2f\n", $total; sub get_total_cost { my ($hash_data, $sub_total) = @_; for my $key (keys %$hash_data) { if (ref $hash_data->{$key} eq 'HASH') { next unless keys %{$hash_data->{$key}}; get_total_cost($hash_data->{$key}, $sub_total); } else { if ($key eq 'cost') { $$sub_total += $hash_data->{cost}; } } } return; }

Note that this doesn't care how deep in the hash the 'cost' key is located. It also ignores 'cost2' keys, and any other variant of a key containing 'cost'; if that's not what you wanted, modify the $key eq 'cost' condition (if it's just keys starting with 'cost', index would be the most efficient; otherwise, a regex would probably be the best solution).


Total = 6630.00

— Ken

In reply to Re: Iterating over hash to find specific key to sum up the cost by kcott
in thread Iterating over hash to find specific key to sum up the cost by vaitor15

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