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Problems? Is your data what you think it is?

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I am very sorry guys, but I can't show the exact code as it's confidential, but it goes like this.
# use DBI oracle my $dbh = DBI->connect("; sid=sid; po +rt=1521", "username", "password") or die "Can't connect to database $ +DBI::errstr\n"; # The SELECT query # This query return ~9,450,000,000 records $sql_chr = qq{select column_a, g.column_b, column_c, column_d, column_ +e from table_f f, table_g g where f.column_a = g.column_b and column +_c !='-/-' and column_d= 'STR' and column_e='STR1' and column_a = 9}; my $sth_chr = $dbh->prepare( $sql_chr ); if($sth_chr->execute) { my $s=1; while (my (@dat) = $sth_chr->fetchrow) { ##if ($dat[2]) {$tmarker=translate($dat[2]);} ## else { $tmarker="00000"; } $tmarker=translate($dat[2]); #$data{$dat[0]}{$dat[1]} = $dat[2]; $data{$dat[0]}{$dat[1]} = $tmarker; $lines{$dat[0]} = ""; $markers{$dat[1]} = ""; $tmarkers{$tmarker}=""; #if (!defined $dat_chr1[1]) { $dat_chr1[1]=0; } if (!defined $dat[3]) { $dat[3]=0;} if (!defined $dat[4]) { $dat[4]=0;} #if ($dat[3] eq undef) { $dat[3]=0;} #print $dat_chr1[1]." here is the missing data\n"; #$datachr{$dat[0]}{$dat[1]}{$dat[3]} = $dat[4]; $datachr{$dat[1]}{$dat[3]} = $dat[4]; $chr{$dat[3]} = ""; # print "$s--> $cropid-->$dat[0]-->$dat[1]-->$dat[2]-->$dat[3] +-->$dat[4]-->$tmarker\n"; $s++; } } #### printing the files my $count_markers = keys %markers; my $count_lines = keys %lines; # my $count_chr=keys %chr; # print the header my $count_chr=1; my $checkchr = printmcdchr($csvfile, $count_markers, $count_chr); # print the content my $i=1; foreach my $m (sort {$a eq $b} keys %markers) { print OUT "$m $i\n"; $i++; }

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