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Re: (3) Dots... (Russ: goofy poem)

by Russ (Deacon)
on Jul 17, 2001 at 20:47 UTC ( [id://97367]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Dots and cargo-cult programming
in thread Dots and cargo-cult programming

Okay, I just couldn't resist this...

This is old, but still cute enough to amuse me:

A poll conducted among poets had established "waka" as the proper pronunciation for the angle-bracket characters < and >, though some poets held out for "norkies." The text of the poem follows: <>!*''# ^"`$$- !*=@$_ %*<>~#4 &[]../ |{,, SYSTEM HALTED The poem can only be appreciated by reading it aloud, to wit: Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash, Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash, Bang splat equal at dollar under-score, Percent splat waka waka tilde number four, Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash, Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.
So, I've called < and > "waka" ever since (to the confusion/amusement of all around me) :-)

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