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Re: Warnings on unused variables?

by grinder (Bishop)
on Sep 27, 2008 at 12:17 UTC ( #714011=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Warnings on unused variables?

There's a warnings::unused module, but the bug log for it notes that it can segfault, which makes me less than enthusiastic about trying it out.

Yeah, so? It's not as if you would leave this module in production, would you?

The author has been honest enough to admit that the module is not perfect. This will at least stop you from wasting precious time trying to determine why your code is segfaulting.

If the module indicates one unused variable, you're already ahead. If your code manages to provoke a segfault, then you could try and cut down the code down to a minimal test case and file a bug report. That way the author hears about it and can attempt to address the problem.

It may be that w::u will never be segfault-free. But I'll be willing to bet that when it does crash, it will do so on a dubious code construct that's probably best rewritten anyway.

I know I restructured a few of my published modules quite extensively when early versions of Devel::Cover crashed trying to process their test suites. I was more interested in getting coverage analysis and thus bending my code to work with D::C rather than the other way around. I observed that the code I had to write to work with D::C was simpler to understand anyway. (More recent versions are far more robust, so one is less likely to encounter the scenario these days, but the lesson still holds true).

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