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Re: error message from GD::Barcode::Code39 module

by ChemBoy (Priest)
on Oct 23, 2006 at 14:31 UTC ( [id://580048] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to error message from GD::Barcode::Code39 module

This is an odd error message, since GD::Font is in fact almost certainly already installed on your system. From the GD documentation:

GD defines the following four classes:

An image class, which holds the image data and accepts graphic primitive method calls.
A font class, which holds static font information and used for text rendering.
A simple polygon object, used for storing lists of vertices prior to rendering a polygon into an image.
A "simple" class that simplifies the GD::Image API and then adds a set of object-oriented drawing methods using turtle graphics, simplified font handling, ability to work in polar coordinates, HSV color spaces, and human-readable color names like "lightblue". Please see GD::Simple for a description of these methods.

This implies that either GD is not being loaded correctly (or not in time), or you have a severely broken and/or ancient installation of it. Since the first of those is much easier to correct than the second, you should probably try fixing it first: simply add use GD; to the beginning of your program, and see if your troubles continue (or change to the unpleasant Can't locate in @INC). If they do, consider upgrading your GD install.

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Re^2: error message from GD::Barcode::Code39 module
by giobis (Acolyte) on Nov 06, 2006 at 12:54 UTC
    Thank you ALL,
      I've resolved my problem. 
    I've installed the GD module and now it Work very well.
    Many Thanks
      The solution :
      URL :
        Can you please provide the actual code for this solution? I am trying to figure out GD:BARCODE and this would be very helpful. Thank You, ~Donavon