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Re: Don't Repeat Your version number

by tinita (Parson)
on Jul 21, 2006 at 15:12 UTC ( #562883=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Don’t Repeat Your… version number

i also thought about that, and in the past i have tried several techniques. i found that it all seems to be too much work. i'm now using:
my $version_pod = <<'=cut'; =pod =head1 NAME Foo.:Bar - blah =head1 VERSION $VERSION = "0.71" =cut our $VERSION = "0.71"; ... sub __test_version { my $v = __PACKAGE__->VERSION; return 1 if $version_pod =~ m/VERSION.*\Q$v/; return; }
and then i have a test that calls the __test_version() method.
this way i have to type the version twice, but hey, that's ok. the point is, i can't forget it as my testsuite would fail.

additionally, Test::Pod fails with your hack. =)

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Re^2: Don't Repeat Your version number
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Jul 21, 2006 at 22:01 UTC

    That’s a nice idea. Complete automation would be better, but if the computer traps forgetfulness, that’s almost as good.

    Makeshifts last the longest.

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