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Re^3: half on my scripts didn't work once uploaded

by lepetitalbert (Abbot)
on Jan 22, 2006 at 06:08 UTC ( #524738=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: half on my scripts didn't work once uploaded
in thread half on my scripts didn't work once uploaded

Hello again dear Monks,

NOTE : there's already a site (I wrote) running on the server.

- Removed all <!--#include virtual="/" -->

- added <!--#include virtual="/scr/" --> is a simple

print qq~ html stuff ~


- added (same as OK

- added <!--#include virtual="/scr/"  -->

Got Error processing SSI file '/scr/'

?!? if I change to <!--#exec cgi="/scr/"  -->, the menu appears and the footer is gone ??

?!? If I change all '#include virtual' to '#exec cgi' (I read that #exec doesn't work with params?), OK ?!?

but then I have problems with the next script.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Remenber that everything works fine on my abyss server.

The only diff I can see between the old and the new site, is that the old one didn't use CGI (I had only print qq~'s) and now I use CGI but only in 2 scripts ?!

Hope it's understandable, sorry for my english.


Have a nice day.

"There is only one good, namely knowledge, and only one evil, namely ignorance." Socrates

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