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Re^4: What sets Perl back

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Dec 11, 2005 at 16:49 UTC ( #515856=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: What sets Perl back
in thread What sets Perl back

Maybe the nmake thing was just one particular package I tried to use for that did that (Pugs?). I haven't attempted to use for so long that I don't remember for sure. I've had trouble using it on every build I've ever installed.

Do you get this lot every time you run it?

P:\test>cpan Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at c:/Perl/s +ite/lib/Term/ReadLine/ line 1330 cpan shell -- CPAN exploration and modules installation (v1.7601) ReadLine support enabled SetConsoleMode failed, LastError=|6| at c:/Perl/site/lib/Term/ReadKey. +pm line 265. cpan> install Data::Dumper CPAN: Storable loaded ok Subroutine new redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 34, + <IN> line 1. Subroutine _request_sanity_check redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\Use line 113, <IN> line 1. Subroutine send_request redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ + line 133, <IN> line 1. Subroutine prepare_request redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAgent line 239, <IN> line 1. Subroutine simple_request redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAgent. +pm line 268, <IN> line 1. Subroutine request redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line + 277, <IN> line 1. Subroutine get redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 415 +, <IN> line 1. Subroutine post redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 42 +3, <IN> line 1. Subroutine head redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 43 +1, <IN> line 1. Subroutine _process_colonic_headers redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 439, <IN> line 1. Subroutine is_protocol_supported redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\Use line 493, <IN> line 1. Subroutine protocols_allowed redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAge line 520, <IN> line 1. Subroutine protocols_forbidden redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserA line 521, <IN> line 1. Subroutine requests_redirectable redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\Use line 522, <IN> line 1. Subroutine redirect_ok redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ +line 526, <IN> line 1. Subroutine credentials redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ +line 553, <IN> line 1. Subroutine get_basic_credentials redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\Use line 561, <IN> line 1. Subroutine agent redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 5 +74, <IN> line 1. Subroutine _agent redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line +586, <IN> line 1. Subroutine timeout redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line + 588, <IN> line 1. Subroutine from redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 58 +9, <IN> line 1. Subroutine parse_head redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ l +ine 590, <IN> line 1. Subroutine max_size redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ lin +e 591, <IN> line 1. Subroutine max_redirect redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ + line 592, <IN> line 1. Subroutine cookie_jar redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ l +ine 595, <IN> line 1. Subroutine default_headers redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAgent line 609, <IN> line 1. Subroutine default_header redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAgent. +pm line 618, <IN> line 1. Subroutine conn_cache redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ l +ine 624, <IN> line 1. Subroutine use_eval redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ lin +e 640, <IN> line 1. Subroutine use_alarm redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ li +ne 642, <IN> line 1. Subroutine clone redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 6 +50, <IN> line 1. Subroutine mirror redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line +667, <IN> line 1. Subroutine proxy redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ line 7 +22, <IN> line 1. Subroutine env_proxy redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ li +ne 736, <IN> line 1. Subroutine no_proxy redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ lin +e 759, <IN> line 1. Subroutine _need_proxy redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\ +line 773, <IN> line 1. Subroutine _new_response redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/LWP\UserAgent.p +m line 797, <IN> line 1. CPAN: LWP::UserAgent loaded ok Fetching with LWP: Going to read \perl\cpan\.cpan\sources\authors\01mailrc.txt.gz CPAN: Compress::Zlib loaded ok Fetching with LWP: Going to read \perl\cpan\.cpan\sources\modules\02packages.details.txt. +gz Database was generated on Sun, 11 Dec 2005 05:08:48 GMT Subroutine time2str redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/HTTP\ line 23 +. Subroutine str2time redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/HTTP\ line 35 +. Subroutine parse_date redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/HTTP\ line +85. Subroutine time2iso redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/HTTP\ line 24 +2. Subroutine time2isoz redefined at c:/Perl/site/lib/HTTP\ line 2 +52. CPAN: HTTP::Date loaded ok There's a new version (v1.80) available! [Current version is v1.7601] You might want to try install Bundle::CPAN reload cpan without quitting the current session. It should be a seamless upgrad +e while we are running... Fetching with LWP: Going to read \perl\cpan\.cpan\sources\modules\ Going to write \perl\cpan\.cpan\Metadata Data::Dumper is up to date.

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Re^5: What sets Perl back
by demerphq (Chancellor) on Dec 11, 2005 at 18:00 UTC

    Ok, a package downloading it makes sense. CPAN doing it doesn't (to me anyway). And yeah I get all that crap when i start up too. But my experience is that cygwin+VC+perl makes for a fully capable CPAN framework. Although the index stuff is a little annoying I actually use a local mirror that is synched throughout the day so usuall don't have to re-download it.


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