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Re^3: A Level Playing Field

by swampyankee (Parson)
on Nov 01, 2005 at 15:40 UTC ( #504607=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: A Level Playing Field
in thread A Level Playing Field

Removing an unused rank that I'm not even close to? None to me.

I kind of like "Primate" as one of the ranks; after all the Archbishop of Canterbury is the Primate of the Anglican Church. I can see, though, that "Primate" does have sort of a genus-istic slant that may not be politically correct. "Patriarch" (for the monks who identify themselves as female, "Matriarch" could be substituted) doesn't seem to be used, though. Sure beats "Grand Inquisitor" in my eyes...

"Evangelist" seems to have become a bad word thanks to certain nameless people who claim Christianity as their private preserve.


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