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Re: CB history and Google's cache

by been42 (Curate)
on Sep 14, 2004 at 13:54 UTC ( #390842=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to CB history and Google's cache

I could be wrong, and often am, but I think when people get upset in discussions of CB history persistence they're really upset about intentional persistence.

There's a huge difference between (a) you and tye having a conversation in a restaurant where someone overhears you, and (b) you and tye having a conversation where another monk is following you around with a tape recorder.

We can't help it if Google keeps pieces of conversations, and it's getting tougher all the time as the search engine wars heat up. I get hundreds of hits a day from search engine bots at my little site that nobody knows or cares about. Now, because of stupid little conversations between me and my brother, I get hits at my site from searches for "randy newman" and "abercrombie t shirt". So your warning is really good for someone who's likely to say things in the CB that he'll regret later (like me). But you, EdwardG, have an important life lesson to learn here: never, ever be ashamed of a good Three Stooges impersonation. They, like Irish accents, are too often imitated and too seldom perfected.

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