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Re^2: How do I connect to cisco pix via ssh?

by Nalina (Monk)
on Jun 07, 2004 at 06:19 UTC ( #361892=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How do I connect to cisco pix via ssh?
in thread How do I connect to cisco pix via ssh?


Thanks for the reply.

I downloaded (Net::SSH::Perl) module and tried to connect to remote cisco pix through ssh Following is my script

use Net::SSH::Perl; $host="IP"; $username = "username"; $pass = "password"; my $ssh = Net::SSH::Perl->new("$host"); $ssh->login($username, $pass); my($stdout, $stderr, $exit) = $ssh->cmd(sh access-list access_inside_i +n); print "output: $stdout\n"; print "Error: $stderr\n"; print "status: $exit\n";
But while installing GMP with nmake

perl Makefile.PL


nmake test

I got an error saying

'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'C:\WINNT\system32\cmd.exe' : return code '0x1' Stop.

what do i do now?



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Re^3: How do I connect to cisco pix via ssh?
by tachyon (Chancellor) on Jun 07, 2004 at 06:54 UTC
Re^3: How do I connect to cisco pix via ssh?
by jepri (Parson) on Jun 07, 2004 at 06:38 UTC
    See tachyon's comment below for the right module.

    On Windows, you want to use PPM instead of CPAN. CPAN only works if you have a full C compiler environment on your system, and most windows boxes don't. If you are using ActiveState Perl (most likely), you should use PPM, there is a FAQ to help get you started.

    I didn't believe in evil until I dated it.

      I tried to install GMP with ppm but got an error saying

      Error: Failed to download URL GMP.ppd: 404 Not Found

      Thanks and Regards


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