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#!/usr/bin/perl ### WS Panel use Tk; use X11::Protocol; my $X = X11::Protocol->new(); use Tk::ProgressBar; my $cpu_var, $mem_var, $swap_var; my @last; ## Subroutines sub runbtn { my ($id,@j)=@_; unless(fork) { exec $cmd{$id}; } } sub gulp { my ($frame, $title, $cmd, @j)=@_; my $pid; unless($pid=fork) { exec $cmd; } if($pid) { grab_it($title,$frame); } } sub grab_it { my $winname = shift; my $pane = shift; my $wid; my $check = $pane->repeat(50, sub { $wid = get_window_by_name($winname); }); while (!defined $wid) { $pane->waitVariable(\$wid); } $check->cancel; my $f = $pane->Frame('-container' => 1)->pack(-side => 'bottom'); $f->update; $X->ReparentWindow($wid, oct($f->id), 0, 0); } sub get_window_by_name { _get_window_by_name($X->{'root'}, $_[0]); } sub _get_window_by_name { my($root, $searchname) = @_; my(undef, undef, @new_kids) = $X->QueryTree($root); foreach my $k (@new_kids) { my $atomnr; foreach my $atom ($X->ListProperties($k)) { if ($X->GetAtomName($atom) eq "WM_CLASS") { $atomnr = $atom; last; } } if (defined $atomnr) { my($classprop) = $X->GetProperty($k, $atomnr, "AnyPropertyType +",0, 256, 0); my($class, $name) = split(/\0/, $classprop); if ($class eq $searchname) { return $k; } } my $ret = _get_window_by_name($k, $searchname); if (defined $ret) { return $ret; } } undef; } sub update_monitor { my $ref=shift; open(IN,"</proc/meminfo") || die; my $l=<IN>; my $a,$b; $l=<IN>; chomp $l; $l=~/^Mem:\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; $mem_var=$2/$1*100; $l=<IN>; chomp $l; $l=~/^Swap:\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; $swap_var=$2/$1*100; open(IN,"</proc/stat") || die; $l=<IN>; chomp $l; $l=~/^cpu\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)\s+(\d+)/; $a=$1+$2+$3; $cpu_var=($a-$last[0])*100/($a+$4-$last[1]); @last=($a,$a+$4); close(IN); ${$ref}->update; } sub special { my ($frame,$plugin,$opts,@j)=@_; my %e; my $len=96; if($plugin=~/^monitor/i) { $e{'cpu'}=$frame->ProgressBar(-background=>'black', -colors=>[0,'green'], -width=>18,-blocks=>64,-length=>$len, -gap=>0, -variable=>\$cpu_var, -anchor=>'n')->pack(-side=>'left'); $e{'s1'}=$frame->Frame(-border=>1)->pack(-side=>'left'); $e{'mem'}=$frame->ProgressBar(-background=>'black', -colors=>[0,'green'], -width=>18,-blocks=>64,-length=>$len, -gap=>0, -variable=>\$mem_var, -anchor=>'n')->pack(-side=>'left'); $e{'s2'}=$frame->Frame(-border=>1)->pack(-side=>'left'); $e{'swap'}=$frame->ProgressBar(-background=>'black', -colors=>[0,'green'], -width=>18,-blocks=>64,-length=>$len, -gap=>0, -variable=>\$swap_var, -anchor=>'n')->pack(-side=>'left'); $e{'check'}=$frame->repeat(500,[\&update_monitor,\$frame]); } return \%e; } ## main() my $w=MainWindow->new(-width=>64,-borderwidth=>2,-relief=>'raised'); $w->geometry("-0+0"); $w->resizable(0,0); $w->overrideredirect(1); my $i=0; my %d, %cmd, %img, %extra; open(IN,"</home/tygris/.wspanel.rc") || die "Can't open .wspanel.rc! $ +!"; while(<IN>) { chomp; next if/^$/; next if/^#/; unless(/^(\S+)\s+\[(.*)\]\s+\{(.*)\}/) { print "Error in .wspanel.rc, skipping line:\n\t$_\n"; next; } my ($a,$b,$c)=($1,$2,$3); if($a=~/^pos/i) { $w->geometry($b); next; } if($a=~/^but/i) { $img{$i}=$w->Photo(-file=>$b); $d{$i}=$w->Button(-image=>$img{$i}, -border=>0, -width=>56, -height=>56, -command=>[\&runbtn, $i])->pack; $cmd{$i}=$c; $i++; next; } if($a=~/^gulp/i) { $d{$i}=$w->Frame(-width=>56,-height=>56)->pack(-fill=>'x'); &gulp($d{$i},$b,$c); $i++; next; } if($a=~/^spec/i) { $d{$i}=$w->Frame(-width=>56)->pack; $extra{$i}= &special($d{$i},$b,$c); $i++; next; } } MainLoop; __END__ # WSPanel.rc # Example, of course. # Format is: # Command [first] {second} # Some examples... # Where to truly put it. Second item ignored Position [-0+0] {} # Swallow an application. First for the title/class and second for th +e command Gulp [rclock] {rclock -geometry 56x56} # Special stuff. Right now, only a CPU/Mem/Swap monitor is put in. Special [monitor] { # Normal click button. First for icon, Second for command to forkexec +.} Button [/usr/X11/include/X11/pixmaps/Monitor.xpm] {rxvt}

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