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A rough sketch to get you started. Not tested

# Hi all , I need a little help , I am new to perl If for example use strict; # A lot of help use warnings; # more help # in a file named out.txt open my $file, '<', 'out.txt' or die "My homework crashed: $!\n"; # And also print 0 if it doesn't find the word. # Make a note we did not find the word yet... my $found = 0; # which contains the following data Apple Banana potato / Ashok is a b +oy / Apple is good / aLL three sentences in three different lines while (my $line = <$file>) { # read the file line at a time in a loop my @words = split /\s+/, $line; # I need to search the first occurrence of apple and Ashok # Check if the line contains apple and Ashok. # Are these variable, or always the same two literals? # Does order matter? # If we did not find them on this line, use 'next' to check the ne +xt line next unless grep { $_ eq 'apple' } @words; # Oeps, not a regular e +xpression next unless grep { $_ eq 'Ashok' } @words; # # print the 3rd word in that line ie "potato", "a" . print $line[2]; # Why 2? :-) # Note we found the word $found = 1; # exit the loop last; } # if we did not find a word, tell the user print $found unless $found; # you may want to print a newline now ...


Pereant, qui ante nos nostra dixerunt!

In reply to Re: How to to search for an multiple words in a file using regular expressions by Random_Walk
in thread How to to search for an multiple words in a file using regular expressions by Sankeerth_1996

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