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RE: Code Review section, anyone?

by little (Curate)
on Sep 14, 2000 at 14:36 UTC ( #32439=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Code Review section, anyone?

I think it's a great and usefull idea, which I'd be pleased to use as well.
In the past days I've seen a lot of code that made me saying : "Oh why the heck did I do this all the way around?"
And I agree, sometimes a risk for the satability of the Prog or even the entire network arises from two lines of code, but there's still the possibility to send a link on larger pieces of code to the "helping wizard".
In fact, I was suprised to hear merlyn say "... if you need a review of your code, so just send it to me". I wouldn't like to bother the perl guru's with my problem's while I'm afraid that those occure due to my nonsatisfying knowledge. Yes, I'd be afraid of blaming myself truly.
b.t.w. Folks, you are great! :-)

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