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RE: Perl/Tk Newest Nodes Client

by ZZamboni (Curate)
on Sep 08, 2000 at 00:53 UTC ( #31482=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl/Tk Newest Nodes Client

This is just the kind of interface I had in mind when I wrote PerlMonks::NewestNodes, and the kind of interface I had been waiting for for a longe time. Thanks, Shendal! Shendal++

I've been using it today for surfing PM, and it's very useful. A few suggestions I have (more like "requests for features"):

  • * Mark "read nodes" (the ones you double-click on) with a different color (a dim gray, maybe?) so that they can be distinguished from nodes you haven't read.
  • * If you do the above, have an option for having the whole subtree marked as read when you double-click on its top node (since, when you view a node, you can also read all of its replies on the same page).
  • Make it not "re-collapse" the whole tree when you hit refresh, only add the new nodes. I don't know how hard this is, since I'm not familiar with the Tk::Tree widget.
  • * Coupled with the above, mark "new nodes" (the ones that appeared in the last "refresh" with a different color.
  • When you reduce the window's width, the rightmost buttons start to disappear. I think it'd be better if all the buttons shrank proportionally, or if the status line shrank instead.
  • The "reviews" category of nodes refers to reviews in general (modules, books, etc.), so it may be more appropriately called "Reviews" instead of "Book Reviews".
  • Make it so that it's possible to collapse/expand a whole subtree in one click. For example, have it so that if you click on the +/- indicator with the middle button, the operation applies to all the subtrees of the current node.
  • Have an option for automatically refreshing periodically.
The items I marked with "*" are the ones for which I believe I can add support in PerlMonks::NewestNodes (for example, being able to identify the "new nodes" from a flag in the node, similarly for "read nodes"). I'll be adding those things shortly.


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