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Re: Tk - following a log file (tail -f)

by Anonymous Monk
on Dec 03, 2003 at 14:39 UTC ( #311904=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Tk - following a log file (tail -f)

Update - I'm aware of 311896, it just seems that no valuable conclusion was reached there
That's your node, the one i'm replying to!!
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Re: Re: Tk - following a log file (tail -f)
by bprew (Monk) on Dec 03, 2003 at 17:09 UTC
    Woah... a self-referencing link.

    Seriously though, have you seen this reply (tye)Re8: 'Tailing' a File? to this node 'Tailing' a File?? It appears the Win32 module has a package that behaves very closely to tail. From there, I would think it would be trivial to dump it into a textbox or some other such Tk thing.

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