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by Skylark (Beadle)
on Oct 30, 2003 at 21:36 UTC ( #303420=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Woohoo! I get to write a bio!

Some (indirect) info about me, as well as some (not so recent) pictures of me, my parents, my girlfriend, and my cats, are at

The info more relevant to a bio on this site:

  1. Known languages:
    • C, C++: Did some game/graphics programming on DOS and Win32, and some other applications including a renderfarm manager (server side) for a digital visual effects company, in these.
    • Java: Did the client for the renderfarm manager mentioned above in Java, as well as some other tools for artists at the aforementioned digital visual effects company.
    • Perl: Lots of web development, including parts of my own web site and a few large projects for the same digital visual effects company, as well as some file and network management s‎crip‎ts.
    • VB: ugh. Still, I did a few nice things, notably a program that could display, rotate and scale in realtime all 5 Platonic solids (also here, with the relevant mathematical formulae). That was over 5 years ago, so I was pretty proud/impressed.
    • HTML: Not really a programming language, but I did a lot of it nonetheless.
  2. Studies:
    • CEGEP in Pure and Applied Sciences
    • Now continuing University in CompSci at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), which I had dropped out of when I was at Université de Sherbrooke. Getting much better grades too!
  3. Experience in programming:
    • Informal: over 7 years (free time, some group projects, nothing commercial)
    • Formal: about 4 years (at work for an employer, getting paid to do it) mostly in C/C++ and VB. My Perl experience is just about a year, which is why I try to help by my posts, but get told my posts have mistakes when I do. Most of this experience (and where I learned the most) is at the aforementioned digital visual effects company, where I worked 2 years.
    • Most of my intellectual interest is in design rather than "raw coding", so that's why the code in some of my posts may be suboptimal performance wise. (bad mix with game/graphics programming, I know)
  4. Other experience in computers:
    • Besides my passion for qw(game, graphics) programming, I have a passion for hardware. I have built every PC I have owned since I was 10, as well as some for my family and friends, and for my girlfriend.
    • I dabble in network management, at home I have 5 PCs (actually the server is an Alpha which I have also upgraded myself) networked together.
    • I have fun with OSes too. I have two Linux boxes, one of which is an Alpha (if you think installing Linux on a PC for the first time is tough, try a relatively old AlphaXL), and the other one also boots BeOS.

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