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The stupid question is the question not asked

in case you missed the chat...

by Buckaroo Buddha (Scribe)
on Jun 27, 2000 at 21:02 UTC ( #20034=monkdiscuss: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

all efforts have been made to help you the reader feel like you were present during the chat ... feel free to contribute :)!
< Buckaroo Buddha > ok ... so
   i'd like to believe that i'm
   starting to get pretty ok at
   perl ... but the advice i get
   here is unbelievable (i really
   admire some of you but won't
   embarass anyone right now)


< Buckaroo Buddha > i'd like
   to know if people think we
   could add an "advice and
   optimization" type Q&A
   section ... where people with
   WORKING code can learn
   how to write GOOD code

< Buckaroo Buddha > or even
   OPTIMAL (minimal, clean, safe... etc.. )

< TQuid > I'd second that . . .
    I'm getting decent, and now
    one of my biggest challenges
    is cleaning up my stinky
    messes from a few months ago.

< swiftone > Sounds good to me. Say so 
    in perl Monks Discussion.
thus this message ;)
< swiftone > that might even satisfy merlyn, 
    by explicitly stating that the 
    code is bad :)
< Buckaroo Buddha > we could call it the DOJO (or
   "the TRAINING-HUT")

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RE: in case you missed the chat...
by Ovid (Cardinal) on Jun 27, 2000 at 22:07 UTC
    I also enjoy this idea. I've asked for code optimization advice on some stuff that I've posted, but I rarely get answers that cover optmization per se. I'm finally at a point where I feel comfortable working in Perl and need to move to the next level, so to speak. While much of that is learning the libraries and not constantly reiventing the wheel, a lot of that is understanding what's under the hood so I'm not putting a Ford Pinto engine in an 18-wheeler.

    Update: Adam did rightly point out that my metaphor was rather lame. I knew it was when I typed it, but it's akin to how I speak: I just open my mouth and wait to see what comes out.

      Optimization is about using as little as possible to acheive your goal. A Ford Pinto engine would never acheive the goals of an 18-wheeler. On the other hand, a huge V8 400 engine would be overkill for a Ford Pinto. It would work, and a beginner might use it because he knows it will work, but an expert would realize that the extra power is likely to destroy the wheels and waste gas, so he'd (or she) would prefer to use a smaller four banger to do the job.

      I don't know why I'm posting this, I guess your metaphor intrigued me. :)

RE: in case you missed the chat...
by Zoogie (Curate) on Jun 27, 2000 at 21:44 UTC
    I, for one, really like this idea... it might help in better categorizing questions from SOPW.

    In particular, it would give the more experienced monks among us to really show what they know about Perl's internal optimizations and how to exploit them (GRT comes to mind as something I would've liked to know earlier), at least beyond what is covered in such references as perlstyle.

    - Zoogie

RE: in case you missed the chat...
by redmist (Deacon) on Jun 28, 2000 at 07:27 UTC
    Great idea! I have a particular peice of code that I am quite wary of that I would like critiqued. However, I am too timid to post it, thinking that it would be irrevalent.

    I have to wonder though, with all these requests have come in for new sections (my idea for an ideas section, someones koan section, and this optimization section request), I am thinking that it is going to be unrealistic to implement them soon/all.


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