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Re: on wasted votes ...

by particle (Vicar)
on Apr 18, 2002 at 19:33 UTC ( #160318=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to on wasted votes ...

i said this ages ago, and i'll say it again:
nevermind the XP, remember the experience.
only vote on what's worth it. a 'wasted' vote is a non-vote on a node that deserves a vote. a vote isn't wasted if there's nothing worth voting on.

i've also commented on the idea that votes are 'wasted' on Anonymous Monks. people believe that nobody is getting xp for the vote they submitted, so they hold back. this is bad for the community, because anonymous posts can contain good information that might never make it to Best Nodes because it was posted anonymously.

don't vote on people, vote on nodes. vote on ideas. vote on code.

~Particle ;

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