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Re: Evolution of python

by thechartist (Monk)
on Jul 14, 2019 at 14:02 UTC ( #11102831=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Evolution of python

The semantically meaningful white space in Python makes it unsuitable for quick admin tasks at the command line. I would also speculate that makes it unsuitable as a language for visually impaired users, as the fundamental assumption is that the code will be read, not parsed and output to either a screen reader or Braille output device.

If any visually impaired users have some experience with this, please share it!

I'm sure there are hacks to make this work 90% of the time, but how is a visually impaired user going to troubleshoot those times when there is space missing? The Perl philosophy is much more flexible in this area.

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