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    Why add the leading whitespace and colon when you are just going to remove them anyway?

Because it's far more easy to visually parse when it's indented, and I use that formatting trick in other programs, where I sometimes have to hand-edit the text, and it's much easier when the line begins with ':' than without.

    And the substitution would be more efficient as..."

So what? It's in the startup code so it's not a performance hit, and I think the "unneeded" capturing parentheses makes it easier to read. But, yeah, thanks for "enlightening" me on regular expressions.

Honestly, I posted this because I thought it might be useful to a few others besides me, not because I needed the code nit-picked for insignificant optimization. Did you even run it? Or was this just a chance to show off your ikegami-like superiority? It's your type of comments that make me tired and sad that I even post here any more.

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