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Something like:
    return $foo;
Because my lame editor insists on tracking the indenting of the previous line with actual content, I got blank lines with leading spaces. I corrected the extra space when I got to the =head1 line, but didn't notice them above.

Now it seems that the POD-coverage tester didn't notice anything amiss, though I turned it off after stubbing out the API because I didn't want it complaining about all the internal stuff. But I'm pretty sure the blanks would have been there from the getgo and not added later.

The test directory generated by module-simple includes Test::Pod, and it passes too. I would think this is exactly the kind of thing it should warn about‽

After reading the passage you reference, I conclude that I must have one of “those” older translators, and that the POD checkers are not using the same parser library.

Re emacs: I downloaded it for Windows, and gave it a spin, but it is far too alien to get started. Just selecting text or mousing the borders is all wrong, in the sense of not following the platform conventions or any modern GUI conventions. Is there a GUI-based version of emacs that might be more approachable (as opposed to just running classic mode in a window)?