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Hello everyone,

I have a whole lot of Perl scripts running at work monitoring and reporting on what's happening in our Active Directory and Exchange. One of them reports mailbox sizes every day. Now Instead of checking the report of a given user/mailbox from a month ago I would like to draw a graphical chart from this data, so I could basically easily see how much (if any) that particular mailbox has been increasing in size since x number of days ago.

I reckon some one has already built this kind of module that I could use, but I'm a bit confused on how to start searching for it using CPAN. I think passing numerical values from my script to the module should do the job, because it is basically just a matter of knowing the lowest and highest point and on what intervals were those values calculated?

I'm looking for way to generate charts in well-known picture formats like JPEG, GIF or PNG and then send those pictures to myself using E-mail. Any help would be much appreciated if some one has been in a similar situation before.