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> stressing incidentally that capitalization does matter.

well thats because I'm overcompensating my German instincts to capitalize every noun ... ; )

> I'd like someone who knows better to pinpoint the key elements of it, which we just surfaced here.

I don't "know" better, but my intuition is to think of a namespace as of a symboltable realized as a hash of symbols and values*. And a hash may contain references of other hashes.

when you said lexvars will be realized as kind of pkgvar, you actually meant both will consistently be organised in such symboltables.

with "our" and "my" you just bind the var-symbols of the code within the actual scope to such a symboltable.

you're declaring in which "hash" the value of a symbol "$x" should be hold.

hashes can be nested and they can have lexical scope ...

just my understanding...

Cheers Rolf


* "realized" in the sense of the logic but not necessarily implementation.