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Most Esteemed Monks,

(By the way, I checked the debugging FAQ first.)

Anyway, I will bother saying a bit about myself (briefly). 47 years old. Made career switch from semiconductors to IT (six years ago). Laid off awhile back and generic skills from last job mainly perl and unix OS (read: REAL marketable - NOT!). My perl work was really scripting, but I did it for 5 years, as said.

I am trying to hone up my perl skills (I love this language) and make it as a developer.

Anyway, here is my question. There is a position out there with semiconductor application. It involves troubleshooting code that has 500,000 lines (reputably very well documented). Now, the code I wrote ranged from maybe 200 to 500 lines.

I am wondering about a hierarchy of debugging utilities/skills in descending order of significance that would assist in zeroing in on where problems might reside.

Or am I just peeing in the wind? (Too advanced for a scripter?)

Thanks In Advance,