in reply to network socket send loop is very cpu intensive

Two things I've noticed.

  • You will never get to closedir DH; as you are in a while(1){} loop before.
  • You continuously loop in /tmp/store for files never sleeping or giving anything else a chance to run. So even if there are no files you read and read and read... etc you get the picture.. Try adding a sleep($timeout) under the unlink("/tmp/sms/$_"); # remove file once read where $timeout can be 1 sec
  • If you post the filename and data you are looking for, (to split) we'll have a better idea of what you are doing with the splits etc..

    Update1: Something else... you assign $message the value of $data. Then you clean up the whitespace from $data but then send $message to sendtolive()..?

    Update2: You open the /tmp/store dir and try to read a file int the /tmp/sms dir..?

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