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I agree, in principle, with this suggestion as far as the organisation is concerned, but not with the concept of making all code into one categorised section.

I have always regarded Code Catacombs as a place for finished polished code; it performs a specific task, it is error free, and it has been, with the help of input from the Perlmonks community, tested and gone through perfective maintenance.

Snippets, on the other hand, is a section for code that cannot stand as a program on its own, but performs a task or useful tasks that may be helpful to other users who are writing their own programs. As such, it should be kept seperate from Code Catacombs, but it should have better categorisation system than it currently has.

The necessity of having both Craft and Cool Uses For Perl has always confused me though. I think Cool Uses For Perl should be made a subsection of Code Catacombs. Craft should be used as a temporary holding space for code that a monk wishes to submit for the Code Catacombs, but wants advice and feedback beforehand from others as to what could be done to make it an even better program before it is submitted to the Code Catacombs, which, after all, is where your Craft would really shine. Craft wouldn't need a categorisation system because it is assumed that the code will be moved by the user or by a moderator to Code Catacombs - in a sense it would be like a Seekers of Perl Wisdom for code.

I also think that it would be a good idea to provide a small description at the front page of each of these sections to explain what each of these sections are about, and seeing as we already have a Super Search feature that can search in particular sections have a search box at the bottom of the page to allow quick searching of that section.

I think this would make the Monastery a lot more useful as a resource for learners and programmers. And even if everyone else hates the ideas I have presented here :) I'd still be willing to volunteer as a NodeReOrganiser if the general consensus is that something does indeed need to be done about the organisation of code.

Just my tuppence.

rozallin j. thompson
The Webmistress who doesn't hesitate to use strict;