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So, it's probably a stupid question... but,

browser -> script1.cgi -> progress.cgi and back right? Or did I read that wrong?

script1 will wait for progress.cgi to complete before responding back to the browser? Is script1 set to $|=1 so it passes each response to the browser unbuffered also? And is it looping and printing rec'd progress.cgi output each time it receives it? Might be easiest to redesign to do it directly from the script called by the browser (modularize it?).


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Re: Re: Unexpected Output
by braveluxan (Initiate) on Jul 15, 2002 at 14:48 UTC

    If i type in "progress.cgi" directly into the browser (so it is called directly) then it runs as expected printing a "." every second for 10 seconds.


    If i call progress.cgi from ANOTHER script via either POST or GET, then there is a 10 second pause and a sting of 10 periods is printed all at once: ".........." instead of 1 at a time.

    - Both scripts have $|=1 enabled (disabled?) :)
    - Same behaviour for both GET and POST methods
    - Same behaviour in both IE and Mozilla
    - I get the correct behavior if i call the script directly from a browser
    - I get the correct behavior if i telnet to the web server and do a manual GET