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If you're using Inline::C then it's as simple as setting the AUTO_INCLUDE (and optionally INC) parameter and calling the appropriate functions from within the C code.

You could learn up on XS and write your own module, but this route in somewhat trickier.

There's also the handy C::DynaLib module which is specifically designed for interfacing with C libraries from within perl. Here's an example from the module docs

use C::DynaLib; $libc = new C::DynaLib("-lc"); $strncmp = $libc->DeclareSub("strncmp", "i", "p", "p", "I"); $string1 = "foobar"; $string2 = "foolish"; $result = &{$strncmp}($string1, $string2, 3); # $result is 0 $result = &{$strncmp}($string1, $string2, 4); # $result is -1