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Does anyone have any ideas for excercises I could try that use OO?

Try creating virtual versions of machines that exist in real. You could create a slot machine (has to know how much the user has won, has to count statistics, has to know how many credits are left, should accept money, should pay out) or the money mechanics in a coffee machine (how much money is there left? how can that be divided into coins?) or a "simple" flashlight (must have on/off, must know whether it's on or off, must know how much battery power is left, must be able to tell how bright the light is at the current power level, and could have a flash button).

I've only read the Perlboot manpage, and have no other knowledge of Object Orientation

That's your problem. If your knowlegde is not sufficient, you should learn more - it's the way of life.

Thanks, I hope someone can come up with something!

Don't forget that using object oriented modules can help a lot. Try to know _why_ they are object oriented instead of functional, try to figure out how the objects work, and read sources.

Good luck!!