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Thanks -- progress, but one more step remains. Here's the contents of Net::POP3::SSL -- as syphilis also found out, this no longer exists in CPAN, and so I copied it form my 32 bit machine to "<perl64>/site/lib/Net/POP3/":

package Net::POP3::SSL; #, v 1.0 2007/09/06 use strict; use vars qw[$VERSION @ISA]; $VERSION = sprintf "%d.%02d", split m/\./, (qw$Revision: 1.0 $)[1]; use IO::Socket::SSL; # qw( debug4 ); use Net::POP3; @ISA = ( 'IO::Socket::SSL', grep { $_ ne 'IO::Socket::INET' } @Net::POP3::ISA ); no strict 'refs'; foreach ( keys %Net::POP3:: ) { next unless defined *{$Net::POP3::{$_}}{CODE}; *{$_} = \&{"Net::POP3::$_"}; } 1; __END__ =head1 NAME Net::POP3::SSL - SSL support for Net::POP3 =head1 SYNOPSIS use Net::POP3::SSL; my $pops = Net::POP3::SSL->new("", Port => 995); =head1 DESCRIPTION Implements the same API as L<Net::POP3|Net::POP3>, but uses L<IO::Socket::SSL|IO::Socket::SSL> for its network operations. Due to the nature of C<Net::POP3>'s C<new> method, it is not overridden to ma +ke use of a default port for the POP3S service. Perhaps future versions will be smart like that. Port C<995> is usually what you want, and it' +s not a pain to specify that. For interface documentation, please see L<Net::POP3|Net::POP3>. =head1 SEE ALSO L<Net::POP3>, L<IO::Socket::SSL>, L<perl>. =head1 AUTHOR Casey West, <F<>>. =head1 COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 2004 Casey West. All rights reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify +it under the same terms as Perl itself. =cut

While I get no complaints from 32 bit perl 5.8, the 64 bit perl 5.12 complains:

Not a GLOB reference at C:/opt/perl64/site/lib/Net/POP3/ line 16 +.

So why the complaint from the newer, 64 bit perl?