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Dave, I appreciate your concern on the code quality. Perhaps, I haven't made it clear that the code was a skeletal program, in other words a quick "look and see" about the variables that I need to work with. The program was quickly written up so I don't need to keep explaining what I wanted to do and is in no form part of the "real" program

Another point I'd like to make is that the file containing sqls could easily be just a lot of text of some kind where you have to have some variables placed. So in light of the question posted, along with the sample code, there is no unsanitized sqls passed to the dabase for execution. There is not even a single database connecion in the sample code, in fact DBI is not even called here.

So if I can paraphrase the original question: I read in a file that contains text and some perl variables. The text is split into records into a hash. How can display the hash values so they interpolate the variables into the text?