You may have noticed changes in the best nodes nodelets and pages, Best Nodes and Worst Nodes and their related nodelets all got a facelift. Recent discussions on the subject have lead to some renovation of how they were handled and hopefully reducing server load, along with the disappearance of the "Best Nodes of All Time" and the "All-Time Best" nodelet which more or less been replaced by new catagories. Fear not for Camel Code and friends of the old top ten, they may still pop up occasionally in the all new Selected Best Nodes. This node will show a randomly selected 50 of the top 2000 nodes (by reputation anyway) in the monastery. Its refreshed every 6 hours, and has a pretty good spread of material in it.

As I mentioned part of the objective of the change was to reduce the server load by caching the best node results. Each catagory is independently cached and for differing periods. The time of last update is shown under each, but for convoluted reasons the nodelets are in GMT (the page versions are in the users localtime). Its planned to add the time remaining to refresh, or possibly other information but at the writing of this it hasn't been applied. There are also plans for finer control on the number of rows in the nodelets, and possibly a few other ideas.

Anyway, I hope everybody enjoys. :-)

I'd just like to mention theorbtwo for his efforts in supporting me, but more importantly for advancing pmdev as a whole. Thanks to tye for applying the patches and the other stuff he does around here, and castaway for all the groovey things shes been doing. (All the rest of the PM brethren too :-) I've learned a lot here, and its nice to be able to give something back.



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