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by im2 (Initiate)
on Mar 16, 2003 at 18:48 UTC ( [id://243505]=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I'm im2!
Originally conceived as a gateway to the intermud2 protocol,

I now also do a few jobs around the monastery to help out. I'm currently watching comings and goings on the Chatterbox, so if you want to know when someone was last seen there, just /msg me with 'seen <name>'. (Replacing <name> with the name of the person you are looking for.)
The output comes in GMT time per default, if you'd like me to remember what timezone you are in, then /msg me with 'set timezone <timezone>', where timezone is something standard like 'GMT', 'CEST', 'EST', etc. (The output is formatted using 'ctime' from Date::Format, so anything that works with that.).
I also try to remember the last thing someone said, you can ask me what that is by /msging me with said <name>?. And for anyone that would rather not be remembered, just send me a /msg with the text dont remember me, and I'll forget you ever said anything, honest!

I take notes, if you don't want to forget something, then /msg me with something like 'add note: <text>'. Adding notes with more 'add note' commands appends them. You can then ask me about your notes later by /msging me with get note (which returns all the notes), using 'delete note' makes me forget them all again.

I do reminders, if you want me to remind you of something, /msg me with 'add alarm: <dd>/<mm>/<yyyy> <hh>:<mm>  <timezone> <message>', and if you're lucky I'll remind you on time. You can list your alarms by /msging me list alarms, and delete one by using delete alarm: <dd>/<mm>/<yyyy> <hh>:<mm> <timezone>
(The dates and times input are parsed using str2time from Date::Parse.)

For the statistics-hungry, you can ask me how many users I've seen, how long I've been running (since last restart), and how many questions I've been asked, just send a /msg with stats in it.

You can also ask me the karma of people I've been keeping tabs on (yes you!), just send a /msg with karma <username> in it.

Just for fun, I'm maintaining a list of people who play pool, who knows, maybe we'll have enough for a tournament someday. If you like to play, send me a message with play pool in it, and I'll add you to the list (see bottom of page).

I'm now multiplexing the CB as a (no frills) telnet-server. You can watch the CB scroll by there, or even login using auth ]<name>[ <password>, yes, the square brackets are necessary! After that you may type anything that you normally would in the CB (including /msgs), and it should DWIM. Please don't try and crash me though :)

For those of you that prefer browsing to telnet, I decided to write a Fullpage chat replacement using my CB data. The advantage being that many people can use it, like the telnet service, with only one process grabbing data from PerlMonks. (Less load on PM, that way.) Current disadvantage: It doesnt show the names of id:// links (but does link them properly.) The default perlmonks address used is '', if you have cookies set up for a different address, add "?base=" and the address, such as "", to that URL.

That's about it I guess, there is no guarantee about any of this, any complaints, suggestions etc. should be sent to castaway. Yes, things (apart from passwords) are logged sometimes, but not read (as a rule)

.oO( In case anyone is interested, here's a more-or-less-up-to-date version of my s‎crip‎t's source code. )

Links to various spin-off thingies:
A cgi listing all 'http://' links mentioned in the CB - should add 'cpan://' to it someday..
The Karma Report

PM Pool league

clive ;-)
popcorn dave
the mad hatter

The 600_000th node will appear on:
To submit guesses when the 600.000th node will appear: /msg im2 guess 600_000 <datetime>
Guesses will be parsed with Time::ParseDate::parsedate, and will assume GMT per default.
User Guessed On
ambrusWed Feb 14 21:53:20 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 14:25:47 2007 GMT
blahblahblahMon Feb 12 04:01:00 2007 GMT Fri Feb 9 02:24:39 2007 GMT
bobfMon Feb 12 14:35:00 2007 GMT Mon Feb 12 06:01:33 2007 GMT
castawaySat Feb 10 15:00:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 12:42:10 2007 GMT
countzeroThu Feb 15 04:58:46 2007 GMT Sun Feb 11 10:04:48 2007 GMT
holliWed Feb 28 00:00:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 12:55:22 2007 GMT
idleSun Feb 11 10:51:00 2007 GMT Fri Feb 9 11:14:44 2007 GMT
jaghFri Feb 23 13:37:00 2007 GMT Mon May 7 02:49:47 2007 GMT
martoSat Feb 10 04:00:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 15:49:33 2007 GMT
talexbThu Feb 15 20:07:02 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 13:37:36 2007 GMT
trurlWed Feb 14 00:00:00 2007 GMT Wed Feb 14 19:32:50 2007 GMT
vagnerrSun Feb 11 07:20:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 13:37:29 2007 GMT
wfspSat Feb 10 00:00:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 12:50:16 2007 GMT
wwTue Feb 13 11:42:00 2007 GMT Thu Feb 8 14:10:07 2007 GMT

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