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I read Perl Web Browser? but I'm wondering if there is any new news or if someone could see if this page renders correctly (as it does in the latest IE, Netscape and Opera) in a browser written in Perl. That page is the interface I'm working on for a web application, which I might make available for download.

Since the interface is a form, I'm thinking of using MicroWeb (expensive) or one of the components of cg-eye to enable the cgi to work locally on Windows. I'm thinking of having the interface displayed in a customized browser, especially if I use MicroWeb, for a customized look and so I could make it more obvious that the interface is being run on the local computer. The browser might also be considered a little bonus since it could be used without my program. I might use PAR or Devil::PreProcessor and Perl2exe to obfuscate the code a little. It might be shareware, but not freeware and not open source.