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Recently I've written a Sendmail::Milter, and now it all seems to at least work I'm looking into making it production-ready.

Since a lot of the programmers here are Java-people I've tended to lean toward Log4perl as my logging and error-reporting system since it's vaguely similar to what they (and hence the sysadmins) here are most used to, and it's also more than configurable and robust enough for my uses.

The problem I'm now faced with is that Milter is a threaded module, and I'm not sure if Log4perl is able to run reliably in such an environment. Since reliability is a major goal here I'm loathe to use it for this unless someone can reassure me that it'll still work will.

Anyone capable of making reassuring noises in my direction regarding Log4perl and threads? If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a suitably robust and flexible workaround?