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Yes, absolutely, Perl will allow you to quickly prototype your data munging application. Unfortunately there are not many GUI building tools for the Perl GUI toolkits. There are a few to choose from, if you are on a windows box, you can use Perl/Tk, wxPerl or the Win32::GUI module. And, if you are on a Linux/*nix box, you can use the previously mentioned, less the Win32 module, or Gtk-Perl. There are other toolkits available, but from what I've seen they are not used much, or not as publicly available.

For a class project, it probably does not make that much difference. For enterprise applications, you will probably end up using C/C++, and for web applications, you will probably end up using Perl. These choices are usually made by non-programmers, although there are a few startups that are run by programmers...I digress. :-)

Again, for a class project there is not much to compare. The only suggestion I can make is to evaluate what you want to get out of this assignment, i.e. learn a new language, learn to program GUI apps, etc., and then choose from there.

According to the turing test for language completeness, no, they are equal. :P

Good luck with your project.

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