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Perl 5.24.1
package NCPS::Results; use strict; use warnings; use lib '/var/www/html/lib' ; use NCPS::UTIL qw/prepareExecute pretty_time getTableColumns input_tim +e convertTime getInfoById / ; use NCPS::Meets qw/getMeetInfo getEventLayout getPointsParadigm getEve +ntLayout2 /; use NCPS::Teams qw/getTeamInfo getAthlete/ ; use NCPS::Events qw/getEventInfo/ ; .... sub getEventResults { my ($event_id,$meet_id,$dbh) = @_; my %results = (); my $team_list = () ; my $sub_meet_having = '' ; my $meet_info = getMeetInfo( $meet_id , $dbh ) ; ....
This code is the backend of a simple web-app. I recently migrated servers, and since then I'm getting an error that defies my understanding. My run-time error is: error:     Undefined subroutine &NCPS::Results::getMeetInfo called at /var/www/html/lib/NCPS/ line 455. Why is it trying to call a local version of that sub instead of finding in the exported routines included in the use statement. Even when I explicitly add my $meet_info = NCPS::Meets::getMeetInfo ..... I get the same error. What's going on?