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This section is PerlMonks' own ever-growing compendium of Perl knowledge, framed in a question-and-answer format.

Topics range from the mundane (including questions which are answered in the official Perl FAQ) to the esoteric.

If you're faced with a problem and your inclination is to think "I'm sure someone has solved this already," then check here first. You can browse the categories, or you can use Super Search, narrowing the query to just Categorized Questions and/or Categorized Answers.

This section emphasizes quality and succinctness. Questions should be precisely worded to elicit specific answers. (Of course, there's always more than one way to do things, so each question may have multiple answers.) Questions phrased (even unintentionally) to elicit discussion are not appropriate for this section.

The content presented in a Question and its Answers should also be of general interest to the Perl programming community. If the asker is the only person who could benefit from the answers, then the question is subject to being moved to SoPW.

Categorized Questions and Answers is supervised by the QandAEditors, a group of monks specially commissioned by the gods to maintain the quality of this section. They are empowered to edit and even delete Questions and Answers, and they can move inappropriate Questions to the SoPW section. For more detail, see How does editing work in the Q&A section?

Questions can be submitted by any Monk of at least Level 5: Beadle. In general, we'd like the submitter of a Question also to submit at least one Answer to that question. However, that is not a requirement.

If you have a good idea for a Categorized Question but you're not yet of Level 5: Beadle, or you don't know how to write the question appropriately, feel free to suggest it to QandAEditors.

The Categorized Questions and Answers section works a little bit differently from the other sections, in that Questions and Answers, once posted, belong jointly to the author and to the QandAEditors. For more info, see Why are categorized questions and answers displayed separately from the rest of my writeups?

This section has Categories.
arrays hashes programs and processes
CGI programming HTTP and FTP clients references
data formatting input and output regular expressions
database programming mail and news sorting
dates and times math strings
debugging Data Structures subroutines
directories network programming testing
files numbers  
GUI Programming object-oriented programming