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Re: Re: Exceptions and Return Codes

by sierrathedog04 (Hermit)
on Jun 29, 2001 at 19:41 UTC ( [id://92684]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Exceptions and Return Codes
in thread Exceptions and Return Codes

Abigail you are more knowledgeable and active in the Perl community than I am.

But on this you are wrong. If I do not know what is the best way to handle failed subroutine calls, then it is reasonable for me to find out what others have determined is best for them.

Because what is best for others who have approached the same problem is probably, 97 percent of the time, best for me. So I say that one should, when learning Perl, let the experience of others direct you when it is not clear what direction you should take on your own.

What should you as a Perl programmer do when you are "on your own, with no direction home, a complete unknown, like a rolling stone?" Plagiarize the code of others, I say.

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Re: Exceptions and Return Codes
by Abigail (Deacon) on Jul 02, 2001 at 20:30 UTC
    You didn't ask what's best for them. You asked what you should use, without giving any information what kind of failures you wanted to signal.

    Plagiarize the code of others, I say

    That's about the worst you can do. It's the fast way to make a very bad coder out of you. It's important to understand what you are doing. Just asking what you should do, and blindly copying that if you would have gotten an unambigious answer is very, very bad.

    -- Abigail

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