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by blahblahblah (Priest)
on Jun 04, 2004 at 18:05 UTC ( [id://361043]=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Some nodes I wanted to remember...
Accesskey and submit enhancement
File Locking using (older) Storable Module
Using CVS for revision control
User Settings
Storable 2 Text - An editor for data files created by
Timeouts when reading from socket Filehandles?
bivnn.cgi -- an alternate interface to newest nodes
They didn't give me a fork so I have to eat with a spawn.
A DBI Query Binding Pitfall
Getting access to out of scope lexicals (or returning references from B::..)
Inline Images in Email
Everything you wanted to know about Module Version Numbers and Checking
Versioned modules
win32 Scan EventLog & Do something & update the code
Broken Date Handling
A Socket Streamer Subroutine Related Scripts
Perlmonks Related Scripts
Simpler alternative to modules
ASCII, Unicode, use utf8: My Story of Discovery
Suspending Disbelief While Debugging
Re: Select on STDIN or ALARM?! For Win32 doesn't work!
Considering Front Paging a Node?
strip HTML tags
Re^3: Socket problem - when running Win32 app as someone different than Admin
Re: strange MAC characters can't be handled by Shell or Perl -- good explanation of charsets
Building a Simple Perl Module Database -- interesting @INC tricks: read modules from a database instead of a file, coderefs in @INC.
Displaying symbol tables for debugging
Re: simple jcode -- new module that works with 5.8: Encode
Re: using stat link to win32::FileSecurity module to view/edit permissions on files and dirs

Ways to link on PerlMonks

  1. include HTML (<a href="blah.html">blah</a> or [])
  2. reference a node by name or title ([name])
  3. reference a node by id ([id://123])
  4. module search on CPAN ([cpan://XML::Parser])
  5. access a user's scratch pad ([pad://user])
  6. perldoc search ([perldoc://search terms])
  7. google search ([google://search terms])
  8. google first site match ([lucky://search terms])
  9. books by isbn ([isbn://1234567890])
  10. jargon file entries ([jargon://search terms])
  11. dictionary lookup ([dict://word])

After the reference, add '|link text' to alter the text of the link.

Perl Sets IIS Redirects
Google as database source
Talking Winamp RF remote control
perl2exe - no more secrets
Conditional 'use lib'
CGI - Zip tree archiver backup thing
regex for utf-8
Image Magick - Sample vs. Scale
Re: regex for utf-8
BeatBox 2003
Re: MySQL Select Speed Optimisation
Re: My favorite logical fallacy:
Talking Winamp RF remote control
POD in 5 minutes
perl can create Office files from Windows
Yet another personal backup script
Speeding up the DBI
Perlmonks Navigator
Windows COM Component?
DBI recipes
OLE wrapper for IE
Writing to Screen and file on Win32
printing multibyte chars
Re: Stupid Emotional Programmer Attachment, anyone?
Switching on internal UTF-8 flaq on DBI result from database
Re: Problem installing Net::Ping on Windows 98
Voting/Experience System
How to Start a Process in a Remote Win32 Machine using Perl and WMI
Getting started with DateTime
finding top 10 largest files
\" on the WinXP Command Line
use less 'CPU';
music playlist weighted by rating - Easily add a System Tray icon to an exisiting program
How to call AUTOLOAD before @ISA?
Re: HTML Forms, utf-8, windows and perl
Re: Tips for managing Perl projects?
Run system find -exec on remote machine
LWP over SSL Hammers Apache
Resources to get help in Perl
Where and how to start learning Perl
Tie::Constrained Now On CPAN
Useful homenodes
Tree Structure and Db
Batch image editing
Re: CPU usage on winxp
mod_perl talks slides at the 2nd Italian Perl Workshop
A "better" Putty keep-alive
Web Application Security Testing
How A Function Becomes Higher Order
Re: Tweaking 'return'.
Sites like PerlMonks
Re: A gentle introduction/tutorial to the perl command line flags.
What's so bad about &function(...)?
Using Look-ahead and Look-behind
The Monastery Gates
Win32 API directory searches that return wide / unicode filenames
Re: Asynchronous Program Spawning
Categorized best nodes
Re^2: More NTLM
Re: OT: most egregious programming error, ever
Soap::Lite Error Handling
Log4perl "multiple categories"?
Directory tree explorer with stats reporting
Re: Your favorite objects NOT of the hashref phylum
Perl Golf 101
Filling out PDF forms with data from DBI?
Measuring MySQL resources consumption on Linux
Adding Tests to Mature Web App
CGI::Application - why?
Recommended Reading
several ways to kill a windows process: Re^2: writing to logfile in a loop
[OT] Best Use of Subversion Branches in Perl Development
Re: KinoSearch & Large Documents
Programatically reparagraphinating text
A guide to installing modules for Win32
RFR: Inside-out classes - a Class::InsideOut primer
Re^2: More NTLM
Database Programming
Definitive guide to pack/unpack?
Sorting Votes, Confidence & Deviations
Re: Perl solution for storage of large number of small files
Re: why chomp() is a no-no
A UTF8 round trip with MySQL
New Service: Thread Watcher
Difficulty Connecting to MS-SQL server in Linux
DBI/DB2 slow on Fedora, fast on SUSE
"Lightweight Database Techniques" tutorial materials freed
Of large database tables and high memory usage.
Re: (OT) Logging open calls from a C program (system call tracing tools)
Re: Essential skills for any software developer
Use PPI to Find SQL Injection Attacks
Profiling your code.
Starting on SOAP
Orders of Monks
Newest Nodes
The correct way to redefine a routine
poor man's IDE
Better keyboard-driven navigation, any? - yes...
If you believe in Lists in Scalar Context, Clap your Hands
Are you coding websites for massive scaleability?
Should a consultant incorporate (and how)?
RFC: Automating subversion with perl
How do I move mail msg to another folder in ECHANGE via a MAPI connection?
Help in Tough Times
Help in Tough Times
Help in Tough Times
What is the Perl Web Framework du jour?
Secure Perl Coding Standards
Optimizing a regex that replaces near the end of a string
Re: Benchmarking Strategy?
Learning Moose
The Role of Software Consulting Firms in... the World?
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