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Node ID Writeup Created
73687 Re: Re: Dereference an array reference 2001-04-19 02:36
70862 Re: Re: Storing data with mod_perl (are those handlers different) ? 2001-04-08 22:18
70861 Re: Arrays of anonymous hashes in a DBM file? 2001-04-08 22:07
70727 Re: hash n' params 2001-04-07 20:38
70725 Re: Data structure transformation 2001-04-07 20:29
70675 Re: How can I access the Web Site Certificate with perl 2001-04-07 05:48
70364 Re: Change Password on AD via Perl/LDAPS/Convert::BER 2001-04-06 04:30
70251 Delete or warn about oversize photos in an LDAP directory (uses GD and Net::LDAP) 2001-04-05 23:43
69770 Re: Redirecting STDOUT to a FileHandle ? 2001-04-04 22:03
45735 Dump an LDAP entry 2000-12-08 17:42
32271 Re: processing logic help 2000-09-13 17:39
32196 Using Net::LDAP to access and update LDAP directories 2000-09-13 01:19
32126 Add a user to a group- when using nss-ldap, using Net::LDAP 2000-09-12 20:32
32094 RE: XML 2000-09-12 17:04
32062 make_photos 2000-09-12 08:42
31999 Update reverse DNS zone files by scanning the forward zone files 2000-09-12 02:03
30534 RE: Take a bite out of my SPAM please 2000-08-31 18:57
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