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I checked your site in W3C Validator but didn't get any valid errors just one unclosed tag error, just check on that some times small errors can cause these. here is the link to your errors Errors

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Re^2: Perl Website Fails on tablet
by tonyb48 (Novice) on Mar 25, 2012 at 16:14 UTC

    Thanks very much for investing your time fixing my problem.

    1. I fixed the errors and now it checks out
    2. I put the W3C Validator in my bookmarks and will use it henceforth (I know this should have been automatic for me, but I am still learning)
    3. Interestingly, the W3C Validator missed the real problem, noted in the replies above yours. Because I transposed a "]" and a "--" a comment tag was not closed. Some browsers tolerated this error; others treated all my content as a huge comment!

      Good to know that your problem has been fixed...