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Modules are fairly easy to install, provided you follow the instructions included in the Readme (update : an example of which can be seen in the post below). Most also come with a makefile script which does the hard work for you.

Another option, if for some reason you have trouble installing in the "proper" directories, is to use lib. A handy tool that lets you point to any directory (in which you have installed your mods).

Also, a while ago, I posted a link of a webhost that let's you upload modules - hang on, lemme find it...aah, here it is.

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Makefiles vs. PPM
by Pedro Picasso (Sexton) on Jun 15, 2001 at 17:17 UTC
    Thought I'd tack on a question here. Why isn't there an easy module loader for Unix like ActiveState provides for win32? PPM kicks righteous booty (when their network is up), and compiling standardized modules does not. Is there a project in the works to bring PPM functionality to Unix using Perl coders?

    I'm currently porting a Win32 CGI app to Linux and it's more of a pain to install the proper modules than it is to port the process generation code (which is a pain itself).

      UNIX has "cpan" (or perl -MCPAN -e 'shell') which is full featured. It will list, search, download, install, cache, etc.