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Lexicon just noticed that Perlmonk's perlman library is from Perl 5.00 +5. Isn't it time to update that? <Lexicon> For instance, I can't link to a use warnings; manpage. <Vynce> i think perlmonks should keep documentation for each version a +vailable. <Vynce> ideally, separarted so you can visit perlman:perlre:v56 or v4 +or etc. <Vynce> then you could have a user setting "preferred version" and it +could assume you want your version's perlman unless you specify otherwise. <Lexicon> That would be optimal, but if we're only going to have one, +it should be the latest. <Vynce> luckily for vroom, i can't think of an intelligent way to expl +ain what i want. (:

i think Lexicon is right; updating the perlman pages would be good. but i would like to keep old versions of manpages around for those using old versions of perl, and i think this would be a good way to do what everybody wants. thoughts? vroom, is this possible? also, i think the translation engine that was turning perlman pages into nodes needs a little work; i often see silly wrong things like &#091; instead of [.

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Re: the state of perlmonks' perldocs
by ZZamboni (Curate) on Jun 11, 2001 at 07:10 UTC
    With respect to updated documentation: although I love being able to easily link to the documents, it also strikes me as innecessary that vroom has to keep updating them, when there is something like PerlDoc whose only purpose in life is to keep up-to-date documents of all things Perl. So I got to thinking: maybe an arrangement between PerlMonks and PerlDoc could be made, so that perlman: (and possibly perlfaq:) links take you to the corresponding page in PerlDoc? I don't how how easy it would be to integrate this into the Everything engine, particularly so that it keeps being transparent to the user (this is, not have to explicitly type "perlman:", but just create a link to the name of the function and have it do the right thing).

    With respect to keeping different versions of the documentation, I think it would be a fantastic idea. I tried to find older documents at PerlDoc, but I couldn't find them. Maybe it would also be a good thing to suggest to them?


Re: the state of perlmonks' perldocs
by vroom (His Eminence) on Jun 12, 2001 at 03:04 UTC
    I'm not against updating the docs or having any of the things you suggested I just don't want to do the work... or at least all of the work to make it happen. I don't think I have the scripts I used for the conversion anymore, and a lot of things in the site have had side effects on how things look on those pages. For instance <CODE> tags are used somewhat differently in the Perl FAQs and throughout the rest of the site. <CODE> tags were added after these docs were and so I had to change the display page for them to accomodate this difference. If another import happened we could do things right.tags were added after the Perl Man

    If someone wants to take on this task and come up with naming conventions for all of the links to use and handle the appropriate conversions I can make some of the magic happen on this side.

    If this is something that is really of interest to you bounce me an e-mail and we can pound out some more details.

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