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Will this work:

foreach $File (@File) { $File =~ s/\n//; foreach $Field (@InputFields) { $ReplaceVar = $FORM($Field); $ReplaceVar2 = ''; $SearchVar = '\[' . Field . '\]'; $SearchVar2 = '\['.*'\]'; $File =~ s/$SearchVar/$ReplaceVar/g; $File =~ s/$SearchVar2/$ReplaceVar2/g; } print "$File\n"; }

Can I run a search and replace on a line, then run a second one consecutively to catch the ones that weren't replaced. Doesn't seem to work for me? Why not?

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Re: Re: Pattern Match and Replace Problem
by Chady (Priest) on Apr 27, 2001 at 23:56 UTC

    How are you recieving your form data?? I assume with ??

    If that's the case... try this when you read the data:

    use CGI; $q = new CGI; $Field1 = $q->param('Field1) ? $q->param('Field1') : ' '; $Field2 = $q->param('Field2) ? $q->param('Field2') : ' '; # and so on...

    This way, if someone didn't fill in the "Field1" it will be replaced by a space character... or whatever you specify.

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