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Reisling is good; I like reisling. But a gewurtztraminer, for me at least, goes with food, with dessert, and with nothing but air.

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by bago (Scribe) on Apr 21, 2009 at 09:18 UTC
    Gewürztraminer (as we write it in german :-) is a wonderful wine with a more fruitier (!?) body. A decent Gerwürztraminer with some strong cheese - extraordinary!

    What i like with Riesling is, that you can get so many different kinds of it - regarding of soil, micro climate and winemaker. I living near a small river (called "Nahe") were they grow wine for about 30 km. The most common grape is Riesling and they can be totally different if get them from different Winzer (= german for grape grower).

    enjoy your next bottle
      so, you live naehe der Nahe?