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Instead of using variables such as $noun1, $noun2, etc., you might want to consider encapsulating the values in a hash ($hash{noun1}, $hash{noun2}, etc.) when reading them in. This would first of all keep your namespace cleaner, and secondly, would allow the foreach loop to be rewritten as
foreach (@story) { s/\[(.*?)\]/$hash{$1}/g; print; }
or, for more fun
map { s/\[(.*?)\]/$hash{$1}/g; print } (@story);
The same effect could be achieved with the variable names you're reading into now, but would require the use of symbolic references, the use of which would probably get you dragged out into the street and shot here:)

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RE: Re: An Elegance Question
by Simplicus (Monk) on Apr 13, 2000 at 22:39 UTC
    Very cool. Thank you! S-